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iOS Application

iPhone mobile devices can be used to make claims on our dedicated iOS application. This is available through the app store on your device.

Type in MyExpensesOnline on your iPad or iPhone and select our application to download this to your device.

Once downloaded onto the device you will be presented with the login screen shown below.

Logging in on iOS

You will need to enter the web address for your MyExpensesOnline site.

Your username/email address and password will also need to be entered.

Once logged in you will be presented by the screen below.

My Claims

This screen shows 3 circles My Claims, Authorise and the Plus icon.

The My Claims section is the history showing all claims created/submitted and claims in draft.

The Authorise circle will only appear if you are set up as a manager to approve claims.

Tapping on the Plus icon will take you through to the claim assistant where the claim can be created.

My Claim SummaryClaims

My Claim AssistantSummary

A Claim Type will need to be set for the claim, this can be selected by using the Claim Type dropdown box.

A Description of the claim will also need to be entered before progressing to the next stage of the claim assistant.

Claim CategoriesAssistant

Tap on any of the circle icons to open up that specific category selection, the icons indicate which type of expenses can be claimed using the category selection.

The app will only support standard purchase claim lines, so as such only these categories will be made available on the application.

To continue with the claim assistant tap any icon and then select one of the categories.

Claim AssistantCategories

The claim process is very straight forward on the iOS device, once the category and a photograph of the receipt is added, the line is ready to be uploaded into your draft claims.

ReceiptClaim UploadAssistant

A photograph of the receipt can be taken with the iOS device's camera or the receipt can be selected from the device's library if this was taken at an earlier date.

Alternatively the No Receipt option can be selected if this has been misplaced.

ClaimReceipt LinesUpload

Once the line has been finished and uploaded this is the screen that will be displayed.

The claim can now either be submitted to your manager by selecting the Submit option or lines can be continued to be added to the claim by selecting the Plus icon.

Claim Lines

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